Join with me…

img_0850The GreenTree Project is supported by some of the coolest people in the world. And I’ve made it super easy to donate.

If you’re like me, you can donate online using the simple form below. It just takes a few seconds.

If you’re like my grandma, you can give by mailing a check or giving us a call. Scroll down for that information.

Thank you for considering how you can partner with me and The Green Tree Project to change the lives of leaders and their families.

Love, Madison

When you help me with this project…

  • img_4371-1024x683You are helping leaders cut through the chaos and complexity and simplify their life and work by providing new training and leadership resources.
  • You are helping them find margin to live and serve at a healthy pace by providing retreat scholarships, coaching, and counseling so they can live their passion longer and better.
  • You are helping them make better connections so they can develop more partnerships, find more volunteers by funding new training, conferences, workshops, and events.
  • Your gift helps them be more productive in their great work by funding leader education and coaching so more lives and communities can be improved.

But it’s only possible through your gifts. Any day, one of these leaders can walk through the door and have their life changed forever. All because of your gift.

Take just a few seconds right now and do something – give something.


Send your check by MAIL to:

The GreenTree Project
75 Jackson St
Suite 103
Newnan, GA 30263

…and send me a personal note. I love getting mail.


If you prefer to make your gift over the phone, you can call our Business Office at 770.954.6033. Be sure to ask for me – just remember I’m in school until 3:00.

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