equine1-1024x806The GreenTree Project is an education program whose mission is to influence and change the lives of at-risk children, students, and adults who demonstrate leadership ability by connecting them with adult mentors, counselors, and coaches who serve as advocates, life and business coaches and counselors and role models. These mentors invest their time, energy and hearts into the success of the individuals they serve, for the sole purpose of helping them to develop and achieve their fullest potential, by encouraging academic excellence, as well as the development of self-discipline, integrity, patience and compassion in their everyday lives.

We work together with school districts, colleges and universities, counseling agencies, executive coaching firms, and enlists adult mentors from the community at large. The coordinator of the programs matches candidates with mentors based upon the mentors application and training and the interview with the candidate.

img_3733-1024x683The methods mentors use to help the candidates they serve often vary based on each individual candidates’ circumstances and needs. Interactions between mentors and candidates may occur  within the school setting, but mentors may be available by phone and email after hours. Mentors and candidates also meet regularly with representatives of the Organization, in order that the Organization may better monitor and oversee the relationships on an as needed basis.

The GreenTree Project encourages mentors to meet with their candidates on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and make candidates aware of, and help connect them with other resources in their community that may be of help, depending upon each candidates’ needs.

img_2466-1024x683The GreenTree Project also works with local churches, police and fire departments, chambers of commerce, and other local departments and civic organizations to provide support for need-based candidates and the mentors who serve them.